The city of metal? Myes, I believe it is.

It’s not everyday that the city of Gothenburg are overflow with metal lovers in all their forms (band t-shirt wearers, bikers, obvious fangirls, scene-kids and so on), even if we normally don’t exactly have a shortage ♡.

This is all thanks to Metaltown.

Anyway so that’s why today’s city life was kind of crazy∼

The math class was totally fine (didn’t feel like 2 hours haha) and there was this one guy that had the awsomest of tanktops, I’m just going to say that it was covered in:


So after we got the hell out of there (even though the teacher recommended that we should go to the study hall and she tried to trick us into going there with saying that it was obligatory *which we knew that it was not…*), we bought stuff (Robin bought guyliner a lá Viva La Diva ♡ :’D Now that I think about it, maaybe I should teach him how to apply it °__°’…).

Now some pictures:

Sat in from of the central station with Miss Anon for hours today, it came a lot of beggers asking us for money and one of them wanted my crisps and she wouldn’t go away… so I opened the bag and gave some to her. Uh. Oh well.

The weather was really nice, warming sun but not so much that you sweat and there were breezes once in a while∼

So I bought these fruit toffees to my mother  because she bought me the chocolate. (Ehehehe now I don’t have to buy anything for monthes, last time I got one of those chocolates it lasted for a month… not that I have any money left >∩>)

I was told that I looked like candy today.

Nicest compliment ever! : D

This was my day dearies, see you tomorrow∼

// Nyancy ❤


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