Who knew…

I got called in for work today  which means that I have 2 days worth of money in the end of the month *yay more money than one days pay per month*.

I always get to do different stuff each time I work.

It started out with the nightmare job (even for the people that have been working there for 20 years) and today I don’t have any aches (accept the ones you expect from standing for 6 hour and using your hands).

I work at Volvo and I don’t even know what I did today is called >w<‘

It wasn’t heavy and that’s all that matters.

Hopefully I’m as lucky next time

(and I really hope that it isn’t tomorrow because I want to see the new episode of True Blood that Robin will give me… and maybe sleep a liiiittle more :<)

Math starts at 8 on Wednesday so I would be a walking zombie.

Alrighty now I’m going to prepare for some sleep!

Good night everybody!

Car trips at night are very peaceful (if there aren’t any lunatics around).

My attempt of showing you guys how beautiful the sky is… didn’t work so well :c But believe me, the rainclouds and the luminous blue sky in the background is absolutely magic

// Nyancy ❤


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