No pain, no gain.

I worked… again.

Even though I really didn’t what to today.

But I did get to do what I did yesterday so I already knew the job and I f*cking nailed it >:3

Okay not entirely true… I messed up the last 10 minutes yesterday which made my confidence very low and when I started today I was so nervious that I couldn’t do it.

But when my dad told me to calm down (and don’t stress it) I was finally fine, and it went on like that (with some minor mistakes that I learned from).

I walked away from there with sore feet and hands and a cut on my finger (I started bleeding without noticing the pain, I just saw that my white glove turned red).

Now I really have to sleep :< I’m gonna get four hour of sleep tonight (math starts at 8 tomorrow)… If I’m lucky ;_;

So good night folks!

I N  T H E  T R A MA picture Robin took earlier today (YESTERDAY), after math class ^^

// Nyancy ❤

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