I have to hurry up and “paint” my nails with some nailhardener before I fucking chew my nails off (I’m truly sorry if you think that it’s gross)… I can’t even help it! My fingers wander up, by themselves *___*’

And I only realise that I’m doing when it’s too late :’c

Because they’ve become long (for me), I don’t want to risk breaking them in any way D:

As I said… not that long but long for being me. Btw akward >n>

Now on to the next subject!

It seems like wherever I turn I get my daily dose of piercing talk.

Androgenetics topic of the week is body modification! Mmm I really love all of them ;w; Gorgeous androgynous boys ♡

I can totally relate to what Em said. Once I turned 18, that’s when the f*cking wheel started spinning for real :3 Still I don’t do anything without my parents knowing… I feel that that would be very disrespectful.

And Yami… Yami ♡

He’s so wonderful (both in the personality- & apperence aspect)! And he has Chilean blood in his veins (just like me) : D I was really amazed that he got his first piercing at 13 y. old. Are there no laws about how old you got to be in Mexico? Or maybe he had his mother’s permission∼

EENYWAYYYS I’m just going to continue my obsession. BAI

// Nyancy ❤


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