The eternal need for cash. How I wish I could spend it all on things I want/savings for the trip to New Jersey (but that’s not what must be done with it). Because I want to be able to go everywhere this summer (even outside Gothenburg) without my mother getting a heart attack when the phone bill arrives (I usually pay with texts).I must spend the money I get this month on a bloody bus pass. :c I will have some money left (thank llama, I really want to buy some stuff on the sale that is this month) but spending more that half of this month’s money on bussrides isn’t fun. And no, I don’t get any money from Volvo this month T_T

Here comes a new to-buy-list (referring to the products from Illamasqua) ^^:

So I really want to make a jewelry box. I searched for something suiteble on the web and I found these things:

1. 2.

3. 4.


1. A wooden box (it’s absolutely perfect)

2. 3D-color in dark red

3. Color named lava. It has a texture similar to stone! ÖwÖ

4. Blackboard color! *w*

5. Red “rock crystal”-set

When I have bought all of this, I will of course post the box on the blog! : D

Here’s some of the jewelry that I’m considering buying:

Haha most of them are barbells >w< Because it’s the piercing I’m getting the soonest (and the one with the widest range)! But I can’t order everything before I know the mesurements for all the different jewelry (and I want to buy everything in one go so that I don’t need to pay for the shipping).

I’m feeling really sleepy right now so time to (try to) sleep :3 Good night people, see you tomorrow. Damn it, I just noticed that Sebastian (Androgenetics) has posted the Friday video (I’m happy but still…) ;w; Sleep will have to wait∼

// Nyancy

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