H O S T E L.

Yesterday I actually didn’t see any Batman movies *_* Because my brother asked if I wanted to watch Hostel and I thought “hmm, why not? I haven’t seen it in years”… My memories must’ve been really blurry because I didn’t remember the movie being that bad! Ö_Ö Seriously the acting can almost be compare to The Room’s cast (not quite there but almost). Then you know it’s bad. I looked through IMDB and I found that they did no effort at all trying to make anything look like it actually was from where it was suppose to be! These are from IMDB:

– “While most of the movie is supposed to happen in Slovakia, the filmmakers didn’t even try to make it authentic as all of the signs are in Czech language. They did not even bother to remove all Czech signs at the train station which should be in Austria.”

– “When the bad guy walks into the toilet at the end, all signs should be in German. Right above the walkway is a sign that says “Kabinky” which is Czech and Slovak.”

This one’s my favorite:

“Season changes in Slovakian from spring to winter and then spring again, all in a few days.”

How can they not realise this??! Bad, bad movie. :c

Even if pretty much everything suck with this movie, something I thought was really cool is that “the interior of the slaughterhouse was filmed at a functioning mental hospital in Prague built in 1910, in a wing that had been closed for over 50 years. Building 10, where many of the scenes were filmed, was where the craziest patients were taken. The basement was so creepy that Eli Roth had a string quartet playing classical music to make it feel cozier while shooting.”

So that was my thoughts of the movie Hostel. ^^

I will be updating again after I’ve eaten something so see ya soon! : D

// Nyancy ❤

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