When it was a sale on manga a few monthes ago (I’ve been talking about sales alot lately… I DON’T KNOW WHYY. Sorry! X’D) i bought Demon Flowers 1 & 2. It has the same author and mangaka as The Devil Ororon (one of my favorite manga books).

It got some artwork that you either hate or love. It’s sort of minimalistic but with just the right amount of detail. The characters are thin and Mizuki got a very personal style. But they are lovable (except the ones that aren’t suppose to be)! I honestly love the manga because of the story.

Anyway so after reading them I reseached and I found out that there are 3 more books in the series. I checked if I could read it online… but no, nothing. You can’t read it anywhere. And the worst part was that you can’t even buy the books anymore (not to Sweden anyway without it being expensive as hell) because the publishers went bankrupt! D: Looking through Adlibris.se I found them but only in german… so I bought them in german >w<‘ I don’t know it at all but I’ve still made it my summer goal translating it fairly accurate for myself to understand.

I need to know the fate of the characters! And if it’s anything like Ororon I’m probably going to cry my eyes out. ;w;

This is not the version I have (it’s more neon pink-ish), this one from Tokyopop can’t be bought here anymore. :<

So… why am I telling you this? Well I just started translating the third book! And I have a feeling that it’s going to take some time and missunderstandings but it’s worth it!

I can’t do this especially long today because I start at 8.00 tomorrow but yeah. I’ve atleast finally started.

Good night(/evening/day/morning) people! ^^

// Nyancy ❤


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