(A little spoiler may be included)

I’d say that those ratings are fair :3

The story is great and I love the show (even though I think that some of it is a liiittle silly, like Wonderland or the special effects over all but that’s the charm I guess X’D).

Robin is a real sucker for Regina while I like Rumple. The way he say dearie and accent is really charming. ^^

I’m rewatching the six last episodes with my brother because he hasn’t seen them.

There’s going to be a season 2 and I’m really looking forward to it! :D I’ve heard that The Little Mermaid’s going to be included in the series. And of course I’m hoping that August will turn back! That should happen right??! He should turn human again when the magic Mr. Gold unleashed reaches him… ;_; Fingers crossed.

// Nyancy ❤


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