Today was fun ^^ Our teacher didn’t come to our lesson, instead a substitute came 15 minutes later.
After the lesson Robin and I went to Kicks and Siba. He bought the cable he wanted for his computer and I bought a cracked nailpolish and a really cool brown-red nailpolish with blue shimmer. Then when I had walked Robin to his train I met up with Marcus. We started catching up after 2 weeks of not seeing eachother (and we realised how much we’re missing everybody). Then we decided to go to English shop and 4-gott. At English shop I got Wonka Rainbow nerds *DELICIOUS! * and at 4-gott i got 2 soda’s and some of the candy my mother likes (she was so happy when I pulled them up from my bag :3) ♡

On our way to English shop (we were a little lost but it was fine)… damn it was confusing and the roadwork made it impossible to cross the road >w<

On our way we found this beautiful building *__*

Now. When we had bought all the things we wanted. We decided that we would take the boat to Brännö… and surprise Joel with a visit! >:D

Before departure ^^

DESTINATION! >w< Joels face when he saw that it was us… priceless :’D

We went outside when Joel was done playing AION (I think). After playing some fotball I laid on the grass watching the guys playing with the bet “The one who gets 10 goals first will either pay for the kebab or come with us and watch us eat”. Joel won but he owed Marcus some money so he didn’t get free kebab (or come with us) X’3

The biggest kebab I’ve ever seen and it was so tasty! c: I didn’t manage to eat it all though >w<‘ Marcus was overly full after his -w-

That was practically my day ^^ It was really nice but I’m going to sleep now. I start at 8 yet again  so I need my sleep.

I almost forgot these!  I found them in Joel’s old sketch-pad X’D It was so funny looking through it!

Anyway, god night!

// Nyancy ❤

2 thoughts on “P A P A R A Z Z I

      Fast du ska veta att vi var vid centralstationen vid 20:10…. skulle du verkligen kommit med då? >w<
      Hahahahaha… *don't care*

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