R O B I N-day?

At the train, on our way to Robin =3=

We had to wait for the last bus we took… for 20 minutes. Lots of time being retarded on! :D

Robin took pictures of me… maybe if I can get them I’ll post them here! >w< They are embarrassing but hilarious.

Today’s snacks :3

We’ve played American Mcgee’s Alice madness returns and watched the three last episodes of Korra (Uhhh It was awsome but heartbreaking ;__;)

It’s supposed to be a heart… =w= ehehe

Now we’re going to do… something *Robin’s words studying echooooing in this tiiiiny lil’ room* ÖnÖ But later we’ll watch Coraline *haven’t seen it but I’ve heard that it’s a must-see* :D

 Got to go! ^^

(looking on my main page… Robin’s face is on 3 pictures *_**

// Nyancy <3

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