M O V I E S.

I met my mother on the way home and she wanted to eat ice cream so we walked into a ice cream parlor, while she ordered ice cream… I looked through movies that were sold very cheaply. This is what I got (the lables on the movies doesn’t match what I paid.)I like when they are in profile and have open mouths on the cover apperently ;D

Sasha Baron Cohen ♡ Haven’t seen Borat yet but soon…. sooooooooon (hopefully)! *∆*

It’s a perfect day for movies (although every day is a good day for movies, if you aren’t stressed) :3

It’s all that possibly can happen with the weather right now. Sun, dark rain clouds, wind, rain, humid. X’D

Bye beautifuls! I’ll start watching now. Haven’t figured out which one I’ll be watching but probably something that my brother want to see too because he’s sitting next to me! ^^

// Nyancy & Little Bro ❤


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