Just spotted the lizard! and Subway green review.

As I told you before I’ve bought a couple of nailpolish these past few days, so I thought that I would do reviews on them. ^^

The first ones are OPI‘s JUST SPOTTED THE LIZARD! and Isadora‘s graffiti nail top color SUBWAY GREEN. I do them at the same time because they fit so well together! :D

If you have read my previous posts you’ll know that I bought the OPI one first.


I bought it because I was totally blown away by all the colors in one single bottle. Green at the sides, gold in the middle and blue in the bottom. That’s because when the color is in the light it’s gold but in less light it’s green ^^ I have to admit that I got a little disappointed at first because when I tried it on, it was all sunny outside which made my nails gold without shades. Then I realised the light theory and I loved it. OPI dries very fast (which has made me kind of spoiled :<) and stays on for a long time! Although the price is a little much (almost criminal with all the lovely colors they have) I’m fine with paying for the ones I want the most because of the beautiful colors and quality.


I never tried the cracked nails until now because when the trend started I thought that the nailpolish was so expensive… and I didn’t have any nails! XD So when they were on sale I thought “why not?” and bought SUBWAY GREEN. It was the only color on sale and that’s probably because the color is kind of harsh in the bottle but on the nails it’s just a “normal” green color. It doesn’t take that long to dry (just a couple of seconds longer than OPI) and the combo fits nicely together ^^ I payed half the price for this one and I’m really satisfied.

Well I’ll be heading to bed now. I hope that you liked my first reviews ever! Tomorrow I’ll be reviewing Lady Blue so see you then! :D

God night!

// Nyancy ❤


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