I didn’t post yesterday, sorry! >w<‘ The reason was that I didn’t have anything to say (no make-up on, I already told you that I’m going to work this week). :c

So I just came home from work. It seems like I’m being needed where I was the past two times ^^ Wooh I job I already know!~

I finally met Emma again. She’s the daugher of a norwegian who works with my dad, she also studies art. We met one time when we had to do a drug test at Volvo X’D Bonding moment… anyway.

When I came to work this guy that looked a little like Ray William Johnson was working on my station and I took it from him. >w< He had been there an hour and the poor guy got forgotten so he had to watch me work for half an hour. =w= It wasn’t that bad, we talked about our education. ;D He wondered what you study when you go the aesthetic orientation and I answered. He told me that he studied nature and that he’s 25. It turned out that he has the same break room as I do (never noticed him before) so he sat at my table on all the breaks after that.

There also was this really sweet guy where I worked that helped me out with the job and another ting. :3 Everybody else can sit (either they have chairs or you can sit on the big shelves that carries material) except me (my material shelf  containing steering gear doesn’t have anything I can sitt on because you fold it up when they run out)…. ;_; But he brought me a chair. :D

Ok I really need my rest so I’ll be diving under my blankets now. Good night!

Ps. Madhouse is what they call Volvo because more than 20 years of working there will make you know everybody and have a special type of humor. c;

//Nyancy ❤

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