Tomorrow the evening shift takes vacation… while I might have to work on Thursday too, on day shift of course. :C

This means that I (if I’m lucky) gets 3 hours of sleep. I DON’T KNOW WHAT MY FATHER WAS THINKING WHEN HE SAID THAT I WANTED TO WORK!!!! D:

He didn’t even tell me (like always). I’ll be working day shift three days next week (knew it after my dad asked if I could work to my boss…).

I’m so fricken pissed.

And tomorrow I have the math test. ;__;

The only good thing with tomorrow is that I’ll be at work 18.00 (the test starts 13.00 and ends 17.00) and 18.06 is lunch.

Our “loop” is ordering pizza, so I’ll be going to work to eat pizza and have the 40 minute break and then actually work. woho.

Good night people (I’m sensing that I’ll need these 9 hours of sleep the next 2 days) T_T

// Nyancy ❤


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