↑ That’s what it said on the thingie that shows time and other stuff I don’t really care about 10 minutes before we finished work! ↑

Had my first “last day” on Volvo… damn everybody were cheerful (hmm I wonder why∼) X’D The celebration at dads team was the pizza eating :3 And where I worked they bought sweets and Coke. They also put strawberries and Dumle in the baskets of the the steel things carrying the things we make! Yummy∼ :3 I even got two cookies from Patrik (Patrik ‘s the one boss in team 16) >w< I gave Emma the second one when we had finished. Chocolat chip cookies ♡

I got alot of help the last half hour from “Simba” (my dad calls him that because of his afro *that FYI is awsooome* and I don’t know his real name)…. At first I was like: not sure if he’s helping me because he wants to or if he’s implying that I’m slow as fuck. >_< Turned out that he wanted to! :D He’s really nice. The team I’ve worked with the last 5 times has been the nicest (and the job is really easy). Hope that I’ll work there when the evening shift starts again! ^^

So next week I’ll be working on the day shift for 3 days. No dad and no familiar faces (exept one, Göran and thank kittens for that)  T__T I’m really nervious (not right now of course but it will come to me). I may get a tough job and I start sooooo early :c What I do for money… haha and I don’t even get inconvenient hours additions. ;’D

Oh I almost forgot to mention the math test! I think that I will pass (probably bearly but I think that I’m on the right side of “the line”)! TwT It was really easy but when I counted my “right” answers… I got like 16… which means that if I have 2 wrong answers… (I don’t want to think about it). No matter what, NO MORE MATH! :D

Weeeeell I’ll be watching True blood now! Charles gave me the episode yesterday even though I totally forgot that we made plans. Sorry Char-char (again) </3

God night∼

// Nyancy ❤


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