My skin hates me.

“Good morning!” is what I want to say… but it’s 12:23! XD First time I’ve woken up past 12 since Midsummer I believe. ∑*∆* And I don’t even like it :<

I have a headache because I’ve slept so little, went to sleep at 5 or 6. And it’s really warm in my room right now so I’m cold sweating.

So woke up and looked myself in the mirror… my skin really doesn’t like the factory or industrial oil (my mother even got eczema from it but she’d been working there for 20 years. Now she drives truck so the eczeme is gone! ^^).

I look like a frickin’ mess… red eyes, pimples everywhere… and I just realised that I haven’t brushed my hair for 4 days TwT’

Anyway today I’ll be going to the cinema to buying the reserved tickets to The dark knight rises!

I also maaay get the Pocky that miss Anon’s dad bought from Thailand ;w; Yummy yummy!

Bye guys. ^^

// Nyancy ❤


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