Blood, sweat and tears.

B L O O D – My back hurts like a bitch. I have a narrow, horizontal bruise on my stomach from getting a big cardboard right there (embarrassing story so I won’t tell…) and my fingers hurt (and my nails, damn it! ;n;)

S W E A T – It was reeaaaaaally warm inside D:

Tears – I didn’t actually cry but you know… it’s tough TAT

Got the same job that Emma did last week… It’s not bad but it’s some heavy lifting… and the screws doesn’t want to stay where they should be so I tore my fingers while trying to make them stick. :c uhh.

Hoping that I can persuade my boss to let me be where I’ve been the last couple of times… because I can’t stay there the whole day. MA BODY WILL DIE! Ohhhhhhh also I wasn’t really welcome there. The girl in charge was like: “Nooo not another one, please I don’t want to” :’I Haha… there already was to many there (5 to be exact) so I can’t blame her. But after that she was really nice. =w=

Well now I shall do/watch something pleasant (I don’t know what) before going to sleep at 8. I was a total wreck today and I don’t want to be like that tomorrow! You can’t really use the same excuse as when you are “really” tired at school: I’m to tired to answer you question, it too early in the morning (8 o’ clock)!. Work don’t fucking care if it’s 6.30. You work or you don’t get paid.

2 days to go!

// Nyancy ❤


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