B O R I N G.

I’m exhausted.

But it’s okey… I just realised how much I’ll get in the end of August. *A* ALL THIS SHIT IS WORTH IT!

Tomorrow will be the last day. But it chocked me how boring it was at work today. Ö_Ö

I really like the people but seriously I looked at the clock every 2 minutes! I got to do the job I wanted today btw. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that the machine freak me out when it turnes orange and make a really high pitched noise (because sometimes it doesn’t work rewinding and screwing it back in so I have to run and get a new screw… ;_;).Bleh, bleh, bleh.

This will be the last of the boring I-work-and-I-got-nothing-else-to-talk-about-posts.

Looking forward to what’s to come!

Oh and also, you were suppose to mail the teacher to get the results of the math course. I emailed her last Thursday… and she still hasn’t answered :c I WANT TO KNOW DAMN IT!

// Nyancy


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