Ohhh yes ♡ Soon… sooon just going to make some popcorn first! ;D

Right now I’m watching Pokemon The Movie 2000 (with really good quality) at Synchtube until Friday the 13th starts!

The music ♡ Especially the main melody of the movie.

Seriously… how could you not like it??! It’s so beautiful!



Btw I’ve been looking through all the 3DS games available and… I’M GOING NUTS!

I want 1. Money and 2. the time to go faster! :<

Here are the games I want to get:

As you can see I really like platform games! Haha :3 And I will also get Pokemon B&W 2 when they’re released on the 12th of September :D

Oh… The movie started 20 minutes ago. Woopsie!

// Nyancy❤

One thought on “FRIDAY THE 13TH.

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