Great… absolutely awsome! D:

So I went to the piercing shop, only to find out that I have two large blood vessels in the middle and it isn’t worth the risk of hitting them. Great. :c

Oh well, I’ll just have to get the idea out of my head.

Before going to Tribe, me and mom ate at Subway. I hadn’t eaten there for more than a year and my mother hadn’t eaten there before! :D It was a nice change.

On other notes! I preordered my nintendo 3DS XL today ♡

And I became a Gamestop member. :3

THE CARD IS SO PRETTY (the colors and it sparkles in the light and the font is so…. me. lol >w<‘)!

Oh well, got to go now! Food awaits and my dad is yelling for me to come down ^_^’

// Nyancy ❤

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