– What are you going to do about the cat? You can’t take care of him. You shouldn’t have picked him up if you were gonna abandon him later on.

– Why?

Why… it’s pitiful.

-You think so? I think it’s much better than spending the night in the cold rain. If I were that cat, I wouldn’t complain about being abandoned again. All I need is kindness. Even if it ends up happening just once, it’s better than never.”

I can relate to that cat. This is how I would discribe my past “friendships”. Being thrown away when not desired anymore. But it’s okey because thinking back… they were all spineless and lying behind each others backs and that’s not my taste in friends.

The friend I have now couldn’t be more great. I truly love them with all my heart.

Oh well going to read a liiiittle more and then sleep (it being 02:28, I really don’t want to wake up super late). Good “night” ^^

// Nyancy ❤


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