Gap vs. Pocky

I asked my mother to buy me Pocky because she was on her way to escort my grandmother to the train…

Well, she came back with this:

Gap in chocolate and strawberry flavor. I tasted the chocolate one first and I thought that it was totally fine (the taste is a little different from Pocky but not much because let’s face it… it’s chocolate!). xD

But when I came to the strawberry one…. as soon as I picked one up I could tell that I wasn’t going to like it. :c

It looked all sugary (not smooth as Pocky) and it was peeling off D:

Uhhh I’m so dissapointed. It tasted awful too. Not buying this again. Ever!

I want my delicious Poooockkkyyyyyy~

// Nyancy ❤


2 thoughts on “Gap vs. Pocky

  1. I know your pain. All the Asian grocery stores where I live have stopped selling Pocky and replaced it with this “Gap” stuff. I’ve no idea why, but I guess it’s cheaper. Bugs me like crazy, because now I have to go to a convention every time I want to have some Pocky.

    • WHAT!!? That’s crazy, all of them? I feel so sorry for you :c We have another asian store that sell Pocky so I can still buy them (thank god).
      You’ll have to stock up when going to the next convention then ^^ Good luck~ I hope that they’ll restock though :3

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