Damn it!

Uh hi guys. So I didn’t update the blog last saturday because the laptop broke down before I was able to. No computer for four days but today my father went to the shop and they’ll figure out if it can get fixed. Now we’re stuck with a “emachines” laptop:

It’s heavy and it doesn’t have a battery. Fantastic. But I know. Better than nothing.

I’m worried about the computer because I have music and pictures that isn’t stored anywhere else than on that computer :c I really don’t want to lose them. If I hadn’t dropped my external harddrive this wouldn’t have been a problem… ;_;

This sucks so bad.
I don’t think that I will post that often before we get the computer back (this one’s just too slow) but till next time, be great!




Good afternoon people!

It’s going to rain today so eyeshadow is a no-no for me haha.

(Okey it just started raining!)

Waterproofed eyeliner is my best friend (I use Isadora) ;D
The lipstick is Maybelline 04G fuchsia
Blush and highlight from Clinique

I’ve got to go now! Until next time, bye bye~

// Nyancy


Hi guys~

It’s been a while but I’m back now (or maybe not, going to a friend for 5 days tomorrow c: but after that I’m really back and with an update!) and I’m here with water marbling! :D
So I rediscovered it yesterday while watching bautifulfreak on youtube. I got nail varnishes and long nails so I thought “finally”! When I actually discovered it I didn’t have any nails or colors and I was watching a rainbow tutorial. It was torture! D:

I used these nail varnishes:

Since last time I’ve gotten a new one! The Sally Hansen Diamond strength nail varnish in No 94 Black diamond. It’s a really pretty sparkling black. The rest are: OPI Just spotted the lizard, Kicks Lady blue and Depend nr. 049.

Now this is the first time I’ve done it so I’m not exactly satisfied but hey: practice makes perfect~ ^^

This is the first hand I hade. I used everything except OPI. I used tape on three of my fingers but I liked how the colors turned out on my skin so I just stopped using it! xD This hand screams “fun” while the other one’s “royal”.

I didn’t bother to remove the varnish from my hands before taking the photos and I apologize for that (it’s not like I’m going to go out with my hands covered in paint haha! I was just really fascinated in the beginning). But it’s pretty late and I wanted to do this as quickly as possible. :)

Next hand!

I like this hand more. The gold, black and purple make me think of royalty… and Alois Trancy from Black butler:

This was really fun and I highly recommend it. But I got a tip for you! :D Don’t skip the tape because it will get alot stickier than necessary.

Want to know how to do it? Watch one of the thousand tutorials on youtube. ;D

See ya next week!

// Nyancy ❤