So as I said yesterday I will have an update every Sunday of all the paintings ect. that I’ve made through out the week!  

They might be anatomically incorrect, unfinished and weird. Most of it isn’t pretty but hey that’s not how I work~ ;3

I had an idea drought and no energy to do anything but last Saturday it stopped and I started playing with watercolor on A3 paper. I can’t scan them because my scanner only takes A4 or smaller. =w=’

The fourth one is made with red and black ink and the others with watercolor. I was bored making these so that’s why they don’t have any type of meaning or anything ehehe.

The next six are made with a lead pencil and black/red/white ink (mixed and as they are).

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s art and come back next Sunday! :D

I’m off cleaning and studying now~ ;__;

Continue to have a nice Sunday!

// Nyancy ❤


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