It’s currently morning so I haven’t put on my costume yet but you bet that I’ll make a post of it later! :D

I just wanted to say:


I’ve collected Halloween related pictures since they were so cute and just popped up on my newsfeed so I’ve put them all over this post haha ^^

The “party” I’m going to starts at 18.00 so I’ve got plenty of time to get ready (which also means that it might take some time for the next post to be up)!

See you later guys! ❤ 👻

// Nyancy


I woke up and heard the wind roaring and the rain smattering on my window then I noticed that we had a blackout which meant n-no internet… NOOOOOOO. Well I managed ;w; Tried boiling water using an old thingie that you put tea lights under and halfway through… the electricity came back :D

Tweeted it and now I’m eating my breakfast~

My laptop died before I went to sleep yesterday and I was in the middle of changing theme on the blog… but I think that I’ll wait until Halloween is over to make a permanent change… it’ll be chilly ;D



Sketchbook only Art Sunday!

Hello everybody (^_^)/ So as the title says these are all from the little black book and all drawn during lessons or while riding the bus.

Mask it

Had written “It’s not too late yet, I don’t believe that anyway” on the backside of Mask it. It’s a quote from a documentary that played before “How to boil a frog” and it is in Swedish. J. Doe is the name of it. I think that it’s just weird. I found it though, while trying to remember the name: J. Doe. An old woman said the quote (I really don’t want to watch it all over again so… feel free to find it yourself! c;) and a thought just struck me:  Isn’t it what we think aaaaaall the way until we finally notice that we can do nothing about it? It’s never too late… until you notice that it is.

I intended this one to actually be a girl but when I started on the lips, it all of a sudden became very masculine so I just went with the flow~

Tried doing a male profile without anything to work with…

I decided before starting not to erase anything… I failed (retouched the hair haha) but I haven’t erased anything on the face! 0w0

I don’t really know what I thought when I drew this Ö.Ö Maybe somewhere along the line of “I’m bored and I want to do strange “hair”!” x’D

 That’s all for this week. Hope you enjoyed and until next week~ BYE BYE!

// Nyancy

Halloween shopping

Went Halloween shopping today! :D Found all the things I need for the Morbid Mickey outfit so that’s what I’ll be on Wednesday.


Everything I bought.

Mickey Mouse ears and nose were bought in Buttricks for 8 €.

20121028-170728.jpgThen I bought make-up at H&M, I got everything for 12 €.

20121028-170846.jpgHere’s the lenses that makes the “Morbid” in MM ;D I look creepy as hell in them and I looove it! Bought at “Teknikmagasinet” for 23 €.

20121028-170916.jpgThey are “White witch” cosmetic lenses from Phantasee. Just plain, white lenses (no black circle around or anything)!

20121028-170945.jpgAnd these orangie, red shorts I bough at H&M also. Got them for 11€ instead of 29 €… feels good~

Now I’ve got practically no money left from my student grant! ;w;’ I have to pay my graduation cap this month and this months gym charge too Q__Q

Oh well~ I’ll survive! x’3 I’ll show the whole outfit on Wednesday! Don’t want to spoil the surprise for my friend (and I’m too tired to actually put on the outfit haha)!

Going to upload Art Sunday today! But because I just got home I want to chill a little first. ^_^

// Nyancy

One day.

Tomorrow is the last day in school before Autumn break and as you all know I only have social studies at 12 o clock~ *wohooo*

We also get our student grant tomorrow. I’ve got some Halloween related things to buy! :D But I haven’t decided what to be >A<

It’s tilting towards morbid Mickey but I don’t know ;w;’ But I’m probably buying lenses, shorts and ears~ C:

Wednesday is going to be awesome!

Well going to read now, I’ve got some headache so not sleeping late.

Good night! // Nyancy

My fangirl material.

Hellooooo there people! ^^ Right now I’m watching a Bioshock walkthrough with my brother. I though that I would tell you what I’m having euphoria over right now~ They are not in any order. Just the order that they popped up in my head!

Miyavi: If you’ve heard him sing and especially play the guitar… you know what I’m talking about! Seeing teasers that he puts up on his YT is so exiting and little lovely videos of him performing live is great. ;w;

An cafe/Miku: An cafe took a break 2010 but came back this spring/summer. I knew that they officially came back on April 1st. but I didn’t know that they had released an album “Amazing Blue” and their single with the same name has a PV (promotion video)! It’s so cute and Yu-ki raps in the background *mind blown*.

Seether/Shaun Morgan: Been replaying “Karma and Effect” and “Holding onto stings better left to fray” for weeks now, hyping seeing Seether on the November 11th… IT’S ONLY 19 DAYS LEFT!

I’m a little tired of this song right now because the radio butchered it before I got the cd (thanks a lot Bandit…) but when I heard the story behind the song, I got so happy and filled with faith. The faith to turn things around. Shaun had written the song, intending it to be a depressing song but one early morning, before recording he changed the whole tone of the lyrics! So. cool. ❤

Halestorm: I’m a new fan but already hooked~ “I miss the misery”, “Love bites (and so do I)” and the whole “Hello, it’s mz. Hyde” EP are favorites. Lzzy is such an awesome singer and front woman!

Green Day: Their new album Uno is out and it’s pretty good, been playing it over and over on YT haha (can’t afford buying it right now :c). The song “Kill the DJ” sticks so badly in my brain. I sang it throughout Saturday, I couldn’t stop! I’m linking you the explicit version because… censoring is a sin (no but really, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, it just pisses me off!). Ö^Ö

Linkin Park: I’m a little late with “Living things” didn’t start listening to it until… 2 weeks ago (don’t remember exactly). It’s beautiful and all but some songs I kinda… block out X’D Sounds horrible but it’s the truth! Castle of glass and the first song, Lost in the echo are favorites but almost everyone sticks to my mind :3

Mmm ~

// Nyancy


I made a Twitter! Haven’t had an active account for a few years but I decided that I could always write tiny (140 words to be exact) thoughts there, so why not make one again~ ^^

I came up with my Twitter name when I thought about the first video I saw by Snakebitesparkles (she’s so funny and looks like Helena Boham Carter!). She said FLATFORMS (instead of platforms) ❤ It was the first time I heard the term and it made so much sense!

When I search for platform shoes this is what I get: 

They are pretty but me and heels will never be. Flatforms in my ❤ 

So what is my Twitter username?



Want to know something else? Miku from An cafe and Lc5 is following me *__* (he follows so many people but still, I feel somewhat special! >w<‘)

Promotion picture from An cafe’s newest album. Captain Miku is so cute haha ^^

From when he was in the band Lc5 during the An cafe break during 2010-2012 :3 His image was much more mature (aaand I like it ehehe >///>).

I’m just going to sleep now, too much fangirling for my sleepless brain. Miku/All members of An Cafe, Miyavi, Halestorm, Billie Joe Armstrong and Shaun Morgan. I’ll tell you why tomorrow. Good night!

// Nyancy 

Again, really??!

Good morning. I’m tired but not I’d do anything for sleep-tired just that feeling of too little sleep.
Today when I walked to the buss I was surprised to see that the street lights were on on the new road ( the same road that I almost got hit by a truck last week). Very calming! -w-
Anyway let’s fast forward till when I got to school. I was at my locker when Anna’s literary composition teacher walks past me while thinking this out loud: ‘Is it Bianca?’. The only thing I though was “Not again…” (a few weeks ago, three people mistook me for someone else. He was one of them) and right after he said ‘No it isn’t’.
He gets a silver star for realizing himself! X3

Wrote everything above before class started but now I’m home! Really need sleep but… I need my second breakfast!

// Nyancy

You stupid hoe…

Watching this even though I start at 8 which means that I have to wake up at 5… and it’s 1 in the fucking morning.

I wasn’t planning on actually watching it but I didn’t want to sleep and the time became 12 o’clock (when they (were suppose to) start broadcasting) and I just thought “fuck it, I’m watching it”. I can’t stop watching now ;A;’

Yep, I’m a stupid hoe.

You know it’s late when you’re “quoting” Nicki Minaj…

// Nyancy

New clothes will arrive within a month!

I took the opportunity to buy clothes that was on sale with a 20% discount on top of that!


Today was the last day for it too so it was pure luck that I wanted to check the site last night. It took many ifs and buts but I finally decided on these two:

Two fabulous long sleeved t-shirts ❤ The black one is an “off-shoulder” one (a hole on each shoulder) and the pink one has studs and cutting! ^^

So, so satisfied and I payed 61.58$ in the end (without the 20% discount it would’ve been 76.98$). They should be here in 15-29 days according to the site. CAN’T WAIT!!!

Haven’t told my mom yet because she went out before I woke up but I’m sure she’ll freak out (in a good way haha)!

Now… I should start cleaning. Bye guys~

// Nyancy


I should be sleeping… but I don’t want to. So I’ll make this post now and get it over with (you will understand later, I promise) and when I’m done, read a little until I am so sleepy that I won’t even realize that I’m falling asleep~ =w=b

So this weekend only has one day left and unfortunately I have a hell of a lot to do!

An English presentation to write, assemble the work I should’ve done for the Art video class but was to lazy to do (to be fair almost no one has done anything in that class because it’s so boring), write a schedule for the last project that we’re doing and I should read preparation texts for the Swedish national tests but I forgot them in school :C. Besides that I need to clean my room and maybe take down my laundry to the bathroom (I haven’t taken down my used clothes basket from my room for months… I wish that I was exaggerating).

Aaaall that ↑ means that I will not post anything tomorrow (if I slip it wouldn’t be the first time but I can’t postpone those things anymore). I couldn’t do an Art Sunday-post anyway because I have been too stressed to draw anything.


On happier notes, today is Robin’s birthday! Our second youngest classmate is finally 18 ^^ Here comes some lovely memory recalling photos:

From top left:

Halloween last year, when we were at the convenient store! X’3 We were at my house then and this year we’re going to our friend Madeleine. Can’t wait! Robin zipping on a cappuccino when we + Emma and Char-char had coffee. I made a “brush” on PS of Robins face last year when we had Digital content creation. We laughed so hard at it. Also from last halloween! Robin was a fairy ❤ At the Science Fiction Fair earlier this year, Edward and Jacob just stood there so he had to take a picture with them… TwT’ The encounter that made Robin’s year/life complete. Meeting Emilie Autumn when she was in Gothenburg.

// Nyancy