Awwww such a cute little sketchbook~

Marcus and I went in to IN-EX (an art supply store) after school:

I have not taken this picture. It’s from this site.

He wanted to buy a pen and a pencil. Being too slow with choosing pens, I walked down to where they have the papers. Our teacher told us that we need a logbook for the last project that we’re doing so I thought that I might buy one there. When Marcus was done choosing I had decided not to buy a book there but he made me change my mind when we saw this little cutie!

A little A6 sketchbook with a pencil loop c:

We bought the same one~ And he owed me 3o kronor (it’s 4.6 dollar or 3.5 euro) so I didn’t have to pay for it! We walked out of there satisfied~

But I don’t think I will write reports in this one because I write quite big and the paper is too fine… It would hurt to use it as writing paper haha!

// Nyancy


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