Damn, ponies are so in right now.

And I don’t even get it…

So I am referring to the Pokemon event starting today till the 10th, where you get the lil’ pony Keldeon on your local Gamestop (and maybe Toys R Us) in Europe:

I’m not really a fan of horses in any way (real ones can occasionally be cute and Ponyta is awsome *AND MADE OF FIRE! ❤*) but a fan of Pokemon I definitely am, so I’ll be getting it.

But the catch is (in Sweden anyway and as I’ve read, nowhere else D:) that you have to preorder the Pokemon Black 2 or White 2 to get Keldeon on Gamestop and because it’s so damn over priced, I’ve ordered it online. That means that I’ll be sneaking in to a Gamestop today (or tomorrow if I don’t have the time) and download it. It’s through Mystery Gift (wireless) so they won’t even notice (I think Ö_Ö).

I don’t get why only the Swedish Gamestop must have this ridiculous rule. But I’m breaking it! >:D

F*ck the police (trying to make this somewhat kids friendly… I failed)

I have to take the bus in 20 minutes so it’s time for me to leave for school. Starting at 8 o clock really sucks. I’m too tired. :c But have a nice day!~

// Nyancy 


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