Jewelry from Crazy Factory!

This is my second order to crazy factory that I submitted yesterday! I am really satisfied with the site but I was really misjudging the measurement of my lip so now I want new spirals and I also want to buy new (bigger) balls and studs: 

These are all to me exept the last ball closure ring, which is a birthday present to Robin (he knows about it so no secret haha).

And these are all to my friend Emilia (awesome stuff right there!). She also got a blog here~ She talks about her life, games and clothes so if you want, check it out: Onmislashed! :D

I really recommend this site! It says that it’ll take no more than a week and it came after 5 days + the package was so small that it fit through my mailbox . Can’t wait for the things to arrive~

// Nyancy


2 thoughts on “Jewelry from Crazy Factory!

    • Of course! :D Vill att människor ska hitta din sida! *w* Den är för awsome för att människor ska missa den~
      Gjorde det igår egentligen men glömde att skriva om det haha!

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