“I am trying to enjoy this special moment! STFU”

That’s what I thought when Marcus and I got the front seats on the second floor on the double decker bus back home from Borås. Why, you might ask. I’ll tell you why I thought that. You knew shit was about to go down when these girls were ordered out of the bus when we arrived in front of it. He gently told us to border and we bleeped our cards on the reader and went upstairs and saw that the front seats were empty. They are never empty so we were so happy!

Now to the girls, they had apparently opened the door when the bus driver wasn’t around and sat down inside without paying. To make them learn a lesson, he didn’t allow them to take this bus and wait for the next one that would arrive in 15 minutes. Angry they screamed for 10 minutes about them missing the train if they didn’t get on this bus and making excuses about the door being open when they arrived and that they swore on the Koran on it. When he wouldn’t believe in their excuses they accused him of being racist and that they would report him to the bus company (but they never did), he even asked if they wanted his employment number but they said no. Such awful childish behavior! The driver didn’t bend and drove away. We were so relieved because they made so much noise. It was hurting my ears.

They destroyed the first 15 minutes of the bus ride but then we moved on and just enjoyed the seats. It was really nice sitting there! The signs and bridges looked like they would hit the roof but they didn’t hehe. The first bridge was so much fun, Marcus screamed “bridge, BRIDGE, BRIDGE“. I looked right when we were about to get under it. My face —-> ÖAÖ

// Nyancy

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