Pokemon (teeny tiny) rant.

Let’s talk about the originality of Pokemon. I’ve seen people bash on this too many times. “The pokemon’s look like shit now.” “A candle, really??! Next time they can just do a chair and call it a pokemon”. I’m sorry but being original nowadays is extremely hard no matter what you talk about. Art, movies and games ect. Everything seems to have been done before, at least parts of it.

People hate Garbodor because it’s a pile of trash (“You can’t make a pile of trash into a pokemon, it’s so stupid”)… well Muck is a pile of purple goo and he’s a first generation pokemon! Ö__Ö But because he was first, no one thinks that it’s a dumb idea (I don’t believe that but you get what I’m saying right?).

I can understand if you don’t like it because it pops up everywhere like: Zubats, Bibarels and *insert your own annoying pokemon*!

But in the end they are what they are and don’t hate on them, you can’t change them anyway. So like it or just walk away and ignore it! ^^

Thinking of doing a Pokemon related post everyday until the release of B&W 2 (for a week starting tomorrow then)! :3

So that’s what I have to say. I’m so tired! Sleep sounds like heaven right now so off to bed for me, see ya tomorrow guys!

// Nyancy

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