B&W 2 countdown: 7 days

So being a week until PKM B&W comes out, I thought of refreshing your(and my) memory about  “Poke-problems” you face while playing! :D

These are all taken from the Tumblr Poke-problems.

I can really relate to this when you get the National dex. You just carry around a random Pokemon so you can lower the HP of the desired Pokemon~

I don’t use repel often but when I do… this happens.

I can’t recall doing this but I know people who have… I would freak out and just turn it of and replay to that moment.

You’ve got to admit that you have a dream team before playing so it can be really sad leveling them when you got a lvl 39 female Unfezant.

It would’ve been awesome if they did this feature throughout black and white!

Uh, I don’t  really care for natures but the really hardcore breeders must really relate to this. X3

I always have this problem! I say one and then another and another and another. You’ve got 649 Pokemon to choose from. You can’t tell me you just have one!

Two words: Elite Four. You’re like “Pfft half his/her team has fainted, this is a piece of cake”… and then you loose.

Actually I found a shiny female Unfezant the first time I played Black. I ran around the house all crazy. But there are those unlucky people that can relate I think </3 :c

… Everyone must’ve felt like this at one time or another (even if not with Pokemon)!

So yeah that was today’s countdown post. Hope you enjoyed~

// Nyancy

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