B&W 2 count down: 6 days

I want to start off with that I missed yesterdays countdown because I was feeling down but I’ll double post today! This is yesterdays post.

Today I thought that we would take a closer look at the main 3 characters in the game!

I won’t spoil any events in the game or anything because… I haven’t played or read about it haha! I’ve always sneak peaked at Serebii.net but with this game I haven’t looked at anything except the release date. (ACHIEVEMENT!)

Let’s begin!


So the two playable characters are Nate and Rosa. I love their designs! Rosa’s hair looks so bouncy~ Now the next one is the rival Hugh. They all come from Aspertia town, so that’s where the journey starts in these games!

I’ve always played as a girl but I’m actually thinking that I’ll start this adventure with Nate (He’s obviously representing Black and Rosa white and I’ll be getting Black 2).

We’ll see how I do, she is pretty fabulous!

// Nyancy


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