Non-existing Sunday

Sunday just flew by. I didn’t post an “Art Sunday” post because art hasn’t been present this week. Happiness hasn’t been present this week. I don’t know what happened but I’m really, really hoping that it isn’t like this next week.

I’ve already planned out my Friday though! 1. Go to school 2. Wait for friends to start their lessons (Marcus got PE and Anna got literary composition) 3. Meet up with Char-Char 4. Take two buses home 5. Get to the mailbox asap 6. Find a copy of Pokemon Black 2 there 7. Arrive at home 8. Play Pokemon/watch some anime (don’t remember what it’s called but Charles wanted to see it) with Char-Char the whole weekend.

^ That can’t go wrong

And I don’t start at 8 tomorrow! I’d call that I good start of the week. Good night people~

// Nyancy


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