B&W 2 countdown: 4 days

Only four days left! Craaazy :D
This will be a different post from all the other ones because I’ve started to read about things in the game so this post will contain spoilers!

Today I’ll be showing you two (well technically 3 pokemon) that you can get. And they are all (more or less) effortless and


The first ones are a “either this or that one” (but if you’ve bought/will buy both B&W 2, you’ve got no worries!)

Bought Black 2? Get shiny Gible and bought White 2? get shiny Dratini!

I myself really want a shiny Dratini but I’m getting Black… a little sour but maybe I can trade it with my friend (probably not though haha).

Next one!

I don’t really love this pokemon but the colors when it’s shiny…. I MUST HAVE IT!
It’s my favorite colors and it looks sooo bad ass~

This post has come to it’s end. See you tomorrow guys! :3

// Nyancy


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