A bit of a strange day.

I was utterly tired this morning and I felt like an inuit (It was cold and I had my scarf, hood and my ponchoish jacket on which was very cozy).

This little girl ❤

When I arrived at school, I ate my sandwich because I didn’t have time to eat it at home. Marcus finished his lesson and we made our way to the entrance, there we met Alexandra and talked about what we were going to do today.

When we were on our way to the gym, no trams/busses were going so we just walked all the way. It was nice actually so I didn’t mind (I say this a lot about walks).

Now we’ll fast forward to when we had changed clothes~ Marcus forgot to bring a lock so thank god for the lockers being pretty big. That wasn’t the only thing he forgot… the damn member card was still in his pant-pocket so I had to fetch it! uh)

We finished working out right in time for lunch and on the way back to school we met – another Alexandra.

Another strange thing (for being Wednesday) = I ate at school (I usually start at 12).

Now, when my sculpture ended I had english and my teacher was sick so we ended after half the lesson!

On the tram home, I little kid counted to 200. I didn’t have my iPod today so this made me go a little insane but then when I was waiting for the bus a kid was counting too. (WHY??!)

Such a weird day. I didn’t forget to make a sandwich, I met 2 Alexandra’s, the trams/busses didn’t come on the way there but it was perfect timing on the way back, Marcus forgot important thing (note: this is not strange), I ate lunch in school on a day that I start at 12, I ended early from an english lesson and I came across 2 different kids counting.

If I go to bed early, this might be a record!

(Edit: I FORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING! Inuyasha (our little chihuahua) has been happy all day, even this morning… Mind. Blown.)

// Nyancy

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