B&W 2 countdown: 2 days

IT’S TWO DAYS LEFT! OMG OMG OMG OMG *cough* Yeah, two days. This post will contain spoilers about legendaries.

I’ll be telling you how to get some legendaries. Let’s start with the most important ones:


I thought of not telling you about these two because… they are the main ones. YOU CAN’T MISS THEM. But yeah, here I am telling you anyway~

You’ll have to battle N in the ruins of his castle after completing the game. When you’ve won over N the Pokémon will turn to stone and you’ll have to bring that stone to the Dragonspiral tower. There you can catch either Reshiram or Zekrom. They will both be lvl. 70!


I couldn’t find a background less picture of Kyurem so this is Black Kyurem…

If you didn’t capture Kyurem the first time you see him, you can get him after getting Reshiram/Zekrom in the Giant Chasm. When you’ve captured it, a DNA-link will also be found so you can transform Kyurem + Reshiram/Zekrom to either black or white Kyurem.


Terrakion is hidden away on a little platform in Route 22. Cobalion is initially met on the way up through Route 6 but will eventually be able to be caught in the middle of Route 12. Virizion will stand at the western end of Route 11, no matter how frozen the area gets.

Now, this applies to all three. Defeat them at lvl. 45 and you can return to them after defeating the Elite Four and they’ll be lvl. 65!


When you can enter the Dreamyard (after completing the game) one of these will ambush you when you enter the area! (Latios = Black 2 & Latias = White 2)


The little psychic pokemon-tro from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum! Visit the Cave of Being located at Route 20 and Professor Juniper will see the tree Pokemon shot off around Unova.

Azelf, can be found well in the left hand side of Route 23.  The second, Mesprit, can be found on the summit of the Celestial Tower. The third, Uxie, can be found outside the Nacrene City Museum. You need to stand on a particular spot in order for them to appear!


“In the Strangers House near Lentimas Town,you have to follow a puzzle which brings you to access the Lunar Wing. this puzzle has you go downstairs from the left then back upstairs on the right, then go upstairs and follow the way to the left. Then,go downstairs again and follow that to the right and back up. Then, climb the middle staircase and a ghost shall appear who will lead you to the Lunar Wing. Take this Lunar Wing to Marvelous Bridge and you can battle Cresselia.” From Serebii.net


“To get Heatran, you first need to get the Magma Stone. This stone is hidden away in one of the highermost cliffs in Route 18. Once that’s obtained, take it to the Reversal Mountain cave Bianca pointed out earlier and Heatran will arrive.” – From Serebii


“Deep in the Clay Tunnel are the Underground Ruins. These ruins are seldom seen caves which hold a massive puzzle. The first one is the focus of the Pokémon Regirock and has you have to do a puzzle that can only be known if you visit the place at Day and night. The puzzle requires you to move 6 steps down from the centerpiece and then move 9 steps right. Then select down to hit a hidden switch. This changes the ruins so Regirock becomes available.

Following on from the capture of Regirock, you will receive a special Unova Link key. The Iron Key in Black 2 or the Iceberg Key in White 2. When you switch over to using these via the Unova Link function, you will then find that they instead have taken residence in the same place you captured Regirock.
Typically, this would make them version exclusives with Registeel being Black 2 and Regice being White 2. However, the ability to share across Unova Link means that if your friend has the opposite game and has captured Regirock and got the key, he can send that key to you.

Once you have captured Regirock, Regice and Registeel, you now will be able to access the Colossal Pokémon, Regigigas. If you bring the three Pokémon with you to where Regigigas sleeps in the basement of Twist Mountain, and interact with it, it willa wake” – From Serebii.net

I got really lazy at the end sorry 

Hope you enjoyed today’s countdown, good night!

// Nyancy

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