DIY slushy (without a machine of course)!

I like the consistence of slushies but the ones you buy doesn’t taste amazing… so I make my own!

What you need:

  • a freezer
  • a container that isn’t made out of aluminum or glass. Plastic is the shiet! :D
  • and preferably a beverage that isn’t carbonated (or it’ll just taste funny…)

In Sweden we have Festis. It’s a still drink that comes in different flavors like orange, blackcurrant and cactus and lime. My favorites are:

Loganberry & Guarana and Gooseberry & Yuzu 

The first one was actually in one of my first posts on the blog and the second one, I just tasted for the first time yesterday! ^__^ And they are so yummy~

Anyway this is how I do it: Put the plastic bottle in the freezer and wait until the liquid is totally frozen. If it’s solid ice put it on the sink for a while until it’s like slush but if you take it out while it’s soft but not super watery, just squeeze the bottle to break the ice and shake it till it’s like slushy. Done!

Super easy and you can take whatever flavor you like… maybe even juice (must try hehe)! :D

// Nyancy


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