Art Sunday On a Monday…

So one day late with this post, wopsie~

Not much content though and the things I’ve drawn are in A6 format a.k.a the little black book I bought which means that it’s pretty tiny and hard to scan :c


I actually have a finished dry point print that I made in graphics class so I hope that it’ll compensate!

But we’ll take the A6 drawings first:

I was bored and I just wanted something when I opened the first page… so I made this haha. Pretty ugly but oh well~ I might retouch it later.

This is what happens when I’m tired… sleeping people.

My religion teacher talked about ancient egypt. And I drew this (I don’t know why… might’ve been the mention of death masks).

I didn’t even realize that I drew Makuhita until I’d done the head (and I found the name 10 minutes ago… I couldn’t with all my might remember it’s name)  xD I’ve also outlined Snorlax and Skitty but they aren’t done so I’m not showing ’em yet~

All of these I originally made on my school notebook  during one lesson but I wanted them in the black book too so I just redrew them right after making them on an empty page.

Now… that was just little things I’ve done while bored/lazy in class. Hope you liked it anyway c:

Here’s the dry point print. Our assignment was to make a half animal/half human. This one isn’t the prettiest because I didn’t dare to carry it with me haha.

That’s all for (last weeks) Art Sunday!

// Nyancy

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