Hi guys~ How today went?… hahahahahaha. I didn’t study and just went with logical answers on the social studies-test, but it’s fiiine. Not the end of the world (even though I was an emotional roller coaster the whole noon)… sorry friends, sorry. >_<‘ I wasn’t the only one though, not wanting to do the test I mean but yeah we all did it anyway.

I knew that our little sheep Anna would  go to Cuba for two weeks but I didn’t expect her to go tomorrow *mind blown* ;A; She told us on the Graphics lesson. I’m so happy for her but I’ll miss her so much *sob*.

I wanted to try something new today so I bought a:

It was good but not crazy good. The consistence was really nice though ;3

Going to watch the first episode of the new season of The Walking Dead! See ya tomorrow!

// Nyancy


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