I’m doing a Rebecka B.


Hi guys! :3 Today we were able to try out graduation caps but not many from my class came because we start our lessons after lunch (12.15) but we had our time at 10.15… four came! X’D It was good that we did though because I didn’t realize that it was so many options! Ö_Ö What size, color, material, shape, lining, pins… I can’t even remember it all. It was nice to see everything in real life but very frustrating right then and there. Especially with this song in the background:

Anyway it went fine. I made mine on the internet a few minutes ago. Can’t show you because my phone doesn’t have network coverage right now so I can’t get the login information :c But they look like this~

Now I’m going to eat candy that I bought earlier:and play Pokemon! :D Right now I’m in a cave at a desert town with spanish music. Bianca is with me and I’m leveling up my Pokemon and catch some to get stamps in my Pokédex!
The candy bag contains these in different fruity flavors:  So yummy~

Go ahead and continue your wonderful evening and maybe I’ll see you later or tomorrow!

// Nyancy 

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