Hard-to-find-Fanta and binders.

Went to the Supermarket with the mom. ♥ She owed me some money so I thought, why not keep her company and buy some things I need/want.

I’ve been wanting to buy binders for school. They had them on offer, 2 for 4 euro/6 dollar.

Nothing special on the outside but the inside is an awesome blueish cerise.

I also found Fanta Grape and the Strawberry one! :D Have looked for them every time we go to this particulate supermarket (because my friend told me that I could find them there) but I didn’t find them until today.

They are imported from America because we don’t usually have the flavors. We have a Fanta with Strawberry & Kiwi though, didn’t like it very much (I’m not a big fan of Fanta to begin with, the aftertaste reminds me of plastic but Lemon and Exotic are exemptions haha) but my friend told me that just Strawberry one is so much tastier! So we’ll see, haven’t tasted them yet because I want them to be well cooled~

I got a little surprised that they contain 35.5 cl. Our soda cans usually contain 33 cl. It isn’t much more but it feels a little odd. c;

// Nyancy


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