Again, really??!

Good morning. I’m tired but not I’d do anything for sleep-tired just that feeling of too little sleep.
Today when I walked to the buss I was surprised to see that the street lights were on on the new road ( the same road that I almost got hit by a truck last week). Very calming! -w-
Anyway let’s fast forward till when I got to school. I was at my locker when Anna’s literary composition teacher walks past me while thinking this out loud: ‘Is it Bianca?’. The only thing I though was “Not again…” (a few weeks ago, three people mistook me for someone else. He was one of them) and right after he said ‘No it isn’t’.
He gets a silver star for realizing himself! X3

Wrote everything above before class started but now I’m home! Really need sleep but… I need my second breakfast!

// Nyancy


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