Sketchbook only Art Sunday!

Hello everybody (^_^)/ So as the title says these are all from the little black book and all drawn during lessons or while riding the bus.

Mask it

Had written “It’s not too late yet, I don’t believe that anyway” on the backside of Mask it. It’s a quote from a documentary that played before “How to boil a frog” and it is in Swedish. J. Doe is the name of it. I think that it’s just weird. I found it though, while trying to remember the name: J. Doe. An old woman said the quote (I really don’t want to watch it all over again so… feel free to find it yourself! c;) and a thought just struck me:  Isn’t it what we think aaaaaall the way until we finally notice that we can do nothing about it? It’s never too late… until you notice that it is.

I intended this one to actually be a girl but when I started on the lips, it all of a sudden became very masculine so I just went with the flow~

Tried doing a male profile without anything to work with…

I decided before starting not to erase anything… I failed (retouched the hair haha) but I haven’t erased anything on the face! 0w0

I don’t really know what I thought when I drew this Ö.Ö Maybe somewhere along the line of “I’m bored and I want to do strange “hair”!” x’D

 That’s all for this week. Hope you enjoyed and until next week~ BYE BYE!

// Nyancy


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