Nordic cap of Sweden haul.

Hi guys! Today I bought some Nordic Cap of Sweden products! Never seen them before but they were so cheap (10 SEK/1.50 USD/1.15 EURO)… so I got ten hehe >w< The sad thing about these products is that they don’t have any names but I’ll still but write down what they call the colors on their website.

We’ll start with the STARNAILS nailpolishes! From the left: Polish, Red Pink, Orange, Beige and Green.

  • ‘Polish’ is transparent.
  • ‘Red Pink’ has a red base with a really intense pink shimmer.
  • ‘Orange’ is a bright pumpkin color.
  • ‘Beige’ is a nude.
  • ‘Green’ is actually a bright turquoise!

The first thing I noticed was that they were really runny in the bottle but when you put them on they don’t run all over the place at all. And the polishes are really opaque with just one coat. Here’s a picture of swatches with only one coat:


Conclusion: I like these alot. For being so cheap I didn’t expect much but they are good. They could’ve been a liiittle more creative with the names. When dried they have a very plastic/rubbery feel to them (don’t know if me gusta).

STARLIPS Lipsticks.


I got three out of the five available (the other two were brownish and I don’t really like brown on my lips). The colors are called Red, Pink and Purple. The first two are the colors they say they are but the “purple” one is a dark red.

IMG_0368Now, what I think of them… tbh they are really dry and super shimmery so they remind me of putting eyeshadow on you lips. When I have it on I got the instant feeling of “grandma” lips :/ Which isn’t good. Putting lipgloss on it makes a tiny different but I’ll see if I can work it haha.

Conclusion: Not so bright. Like putting eyeshadow on your lips. Very shimmery. They smell good though.


Skärmavbild 2012-11-30 kl. 09.39.01

I don’t really have much to say about the lip glosses. They smell like the lipsticks and they do their job. The red one is just transparent while the light pink one has little glitter in it.

That is all I bought yesterday. Originally this post was supposed to get published yesterday but it got deleted. Q_Q It was a pain trying to remember everything I wrote but I hope you liked it!

My glossy box should arrive today so I might do a video + post later today! See you then! :D

I ragequitted.

So here I was trying to make a haul-post but the browser just died… along with more than half of all the things I wrote. I’m so tired that I won’t even try rewriting it… tonight.

You’ll get it tomorrow instead!

And hopefully my Glossybox will arrive too~ It got shipped out yesterday so it should be here by tomorrow!

Enjoy two goofy pictures, from social studies, while you wait! ;D

From the beginning

till the end.
We played a game called RIXDAX to learn more about our parliament… it ended in me and Marcus trying to cheat our way to the top. We had to leave before the 4th question… maybe it was for the better! >w<

I should go to sleep now. Today has been exhausting. Lucky enough I start late tomorrow. QwQ

See you tomorrow and good night~



So I started out wanting to buy some shoes… and I ended up browsing through all the corners of Amazon! I’ve deleted things and added them for 2-3 hours now. But I think that I’ve finally made the perfect shopping basket, it is perfect because everything becomes the amount of money that my mother owes me :D.

 So I’m buying (from the top right) 1. a gray layered, shirred t-shirt with skulls. 2. Blue/purple/pink cosmic leggings 3. Black Paul Jones hoodie (chose to include the grey one because you can see the details better) 4. Gray roses and skulls printed leggings 5. Red, studded creeper flatforms.

The PJ hoodie is a men’s hoodie but I don’t really care (want to buy another one but I can’t right now). People care to much about gender specifics >3> I say:

Now I just need the money. Aaaand mother gets her money tomorrow soooo… I’m crossing my fingers! >w<

*sight* I should be writing the manuscript to the art video that we’re recording tomorrow… but I really don’t want to :c I’m doing


Don’t have Swedish tomorrow anyway~ ;w;/ So I start after lunch. That means that I will probably write tomorrow ha.ha.ha *I suck*.

I’m tired :c

OH I JUST REMEMBERED! Going to take some pictures in the city tomorrow (if it’s not raining) :D There’s lights everywhere and it’s all Christmas pretty~ So look forward to Gothenburg pictures! ^^

I should head to bed now so see you tomorrow!

Nighty, nighty~

// Nyancy

An Art Sunday post containing two weeks.

Hey guys! An actual Art Sunday post…  say whaaaaat. As you’ve probably noticed form my constant complaining (which I’m sorry about btw :c) about being stressed, really affects me badly. Anyway, tiny & silly sketches ahead!

From two weeks back (I believe)

These two were drawn during English class presentation. No need to say that I was bored and I wasn’t the only one (Emma sat next to me drawing random things too haha). The first one were suppose to be a girl from the start but… that didn’t happen. The second one in an effigy of a guy in my English class that was a KKK member during their group’s presentation about white supremacy in the south.

This creepy pumpkin girl(?) was drawn on the Thursday during Social Studies.

Last week I didn’t do anything because I… couldn’t. So here comes this week! :3

A reflection of my week, I hope you enjoyed it even though I didn’t. >w< I’m supposed to hand in an ink drawing tomorrow for Religion class. My teacher is going to use them in our Bible test. So… I should start now Ö_Ö’ The assignment is to recreate a biblical event. LET’S DO THIS!

Byeee ^__^/

// Nyancy


My brother is 15 years old now! :D Woop whoop and what better way to celebrate than to get a game that’s PEGI 18! XD

I’m of course talking about ASSASSIN’S CREED III.

Glossy background~

*loading* *loading* *loading*


We ate some yummy blue marzipan cake before he opened his present ^_^

My brother waiting to blow out the candle and eat dat cake.

I walked away from eating the  sandwich cake in the background but my parents, brother and grandmother enjoyed it.

Shitty pictures because of bad lighting but I can safely say that my brother is satisfied with today x’D

Well I’ll continue watching my bro play now and face palm when he takes 5 minutes figuring out things (like avoiding an attack) that are displayed on the screen! x’3

(Explanation of the title: Well the happy birthday is obvious but the ‘one month left’-part refers to it being one month left till Christmas Eve *Time goes by so fast!* and the two months is until my birthday on the 30th of January! :D Winter is definitely the best time of the year~ Hehehe.)

Bye bye~

// Nyancy

Black Friday indeed…

Not been an especially good day. Woke up early to make a test that probably will make me stay on an average grade and I’ve had a tummy ache all day because I ate to much breakfast and then lunch (which Robin treated me to) but after I got home I didn’t eat anything. So from being over full to running on empty = grumpy bitch.

I even wrote a “walk in on your own risk. don’t forget that I warned you, bitch”-sign to my uncleaned room… >_<‘ It’s my brother’s birthday tomorrow so my parents can’t complain now. (But they will probably do it anyway.)

Got my school’s yearbook today. It was nice looking through it. Funny thing is that the other 3rd year art class is a lot more than us but they got so many people missing on the photo that they look fewer! C-c-craaazy =w= Just looking at other classes spex photos/classes in general is fun~

I’m too tired for this.

Good night people and sorry for the incredibly boring post… I’ll make it up to you by actually making an Art Sunday this week! Tomorrow will be a productive day. Even if I don’t feel like it… I’ll fucking force it. I’m though not doing thing I’ve got to do because I don’t feel like it!

// Nyancy


Homebuy hauuul ;D

I just had to (referring to the title)! My friend told me that among her friends they call Hemköp (a convenience store) for Homebuy (the word is directly translated from Swedish to English). How that information comes in? Well.

Tomorrow eeeeeveryone that has the Swedish C course this year, will do a national test. Five hours… without any breaks. This means that we’re allowed to bring food (a.k.a fruit, cookies, fluids ect.) so Meriel, Carolin and I went on a quest to find quiet foods to bring tomorrow… in ‘Hemköp’!

This is what I bought for tomorrow! Not taking the whole packages of things but this’ll do! :D

Hallonad (raspberry lemonade), Ballerina cookies (gingerbread edition), tiny saffron buns (that I forgot to include on the GIF…), Risifrutti (rice a lá Malta with jam), banana and little Maom candies!

We walked out of the store feeling really heavy C’:

Time to read through some preparation papers! Then I’ll see the documentary “The girl who wouldn’t die” , it sounds really interesting! After that: REVENGE! *w*/

Byyyee guys~

// Nyancy

Pre-ordered the swedish Golden New Year Glossybox!

Forgot to mention that I preordered the Golden New Year Glossybox yesterday!

For you that don’t read swedish, this box includes 5 full-sized products from BM beauty, Kryolan, NYX, Model co and Nails inc to make you new year’s look! :D

Really, really exited! This is going to be the high-light every month from now on, haha!

The November box should arrive next week (but you never know about the post office… I’ve heard of people getting them late) but when it comes I’ll do an unboxing-video, that’ll be uploaded on Youtube!

I mixed up the day so no Revenge today (it’s tomorrow…) but fo’ reals, good night!

// Nyancy

School is mentally killing me.

I’ve been stressing myself like never before. School has been hell, ‘why’ you ask? Well I’m procrastinating really bad while having two oral presentations (a ‘national test’ speech for Swedish and an English presentation about the native Americans of the south in English). I’ve always been like this but this time… it felt like I was mentally dying. :c The speeches are over now but I still have a lot of things to do. A swedish writing based on a tiny book about different values, an art video script, read  Uncle Tom’s cabin for English and write a text about ‘How to boil a frog’… I got exhausted from just writing all that. And the lack of organizing makes me crazy.

I really should write down everything… from now on. Q_Q’

Everything should get better from now on, I just need to organize better.

Going to sleep soon… LOL JK. Got to watch Revenge first ❤

God night anyway~

// Nyancy


Yeep that’s right, I’m getting a Glossybox for the first time ever at the end of November! So exited~

Oktober’s theme was ‘Beauty of a Geisha’ and the products looked nice (I’ve watched a few unboxings) so a little sad that I missed it but the thing that I really wanted (Aussie 3 minute miracle), I’m getting full sized on December 9th anyways because of the sale on KICKS.

Here are all the products that you could’ve gotten last month.

So with the Swedish Glossybox you get five samples. I’ve seen unboxings from both the US and England and they’ve got a lot of different type of boxes and price ranges but unfortunately we only (what I know) have one :c A little boring but yeah, what can you do? =w= It’ll still be fun to see what I get and what theme it is this month.

See you tomorrow!

// Nyancy

KICKS nummer 15

As you might’ve notice from the title this post will be in Swedish.That’s because this only applies to Sweden so why not! :D

✰✰✰ ☆ ✰✰

God morgon! Detta är första inlägget på svenska i den här bloggen och det var väldigt länge sedan över huvud taget. I alla fall! Igår tamp posten ner i brevlådan och med all reklam kom det nya numret av KICKS (alltså nr. 15) som gäller från den 15 Nov – 24 Dec. Du får tidningen som medlem och är du inte medlem så vet du snart lite erbjudanden endå! ;D

Det första som fick min uppmärksamhet var KICKS julkalender. Konceptet: 50% på en utvald produkt varje dag under December till Julafton. Och erbjudandet gäller så klart bara just den dagen! Låter riktigt bra eller hur?

Det som fick mig att bli riktigt glad är att erbjudandet den nionde Dec. är Aussie 3 Minute Miracle 250 ml. Jag har velat testa den ganska länge och jag trodde bara den fanns på nätet för 250 kr (letade en gång men nu märker jag att om jag googlar produkten så är första sidan KICKS… vet inte hur jag gjorde första gången). Har bara hört riktigt bra saker om den och det blir ett inköp den nionde. Den går på 63 kr (ord. pris 125 kr)!

Over-all är det inte något mer som låter lockande (för mig då) förutom kanske Blowpro Blow Out Serious Non-stick Hairspray 332 ml (Tolfte Dec.). Det som kan nämnas är att det är tolv parfymer i kalendern och parfymer är inte precis billiga så är man sugen så kan man alltid kolla om någon faller en i smaken. Pris skillnaderna ser riktigt drastiska ut med 50% rabatt. Förutom parfymer (som faktiskt står för hälften av kalendern) finns ett antal mascaror, krämer, (ett) nagellack, (ett) torr schampo och såklart de två produkter jag nämde.

Klicka på bilden för att läsa och se produkterna bättre!

Som vanligt finns det otroligt många (fler) erbjudanden i KICKS tidningen men som den fattiga studenten jag är känner jag inte riktigt att de är värt pengarna ändå, vilket betyder att jag inte kommer nämna dem. Ni kan ju kolla allt annat för er själva~

Sista erbjudandet som jag kommer dela med mig av gäller bara för medlemmar. Och det involverar mitt favorit nagellacksmärke *trumvirvel (om du nu inte läst min blog innan)* OPI ❤ 20 % rabatt om du är medlem t.o.m. 24 dec. Mycket trevligt indeed. Blir nog ett inköp… eller två (vi får se vad budgeten säger).

Två vackra lack från OPI’s nya kollektion (i samband med filmen) S K Y F A L L 007.

✰✰✰ ☆ ✰✰✰

Ha en trevlig dag, see ya!

// Nyancy

Winter edition.

It’s practically winter now so I took the liberty to change the theme, header and background. It really cold in the morning and evening but the snow hasn’t come yet. I can wait a bit longer though… I want to be able to buy a tub scarf before then!


All of these can be found on Lindex. The top one is my favorite. I’ve tried it on and it was the fluffiest thing. It’s twisted too so you don’t feel suffocated. Probably the one I’m buying when I have money! (It’s also available in red hehehe :D)

Links to all of them: Twisted Snood / Red Snood with buttons / Snood with zipper

// Nyancy