Update with a lot of different things! :D

Today has been one of those shopping days (that I don’t have very often) because my mother dragged me out to buy something to my dad (his birthday is on November 10th). Because it was so hard thinking of something we bought an iPhone case that I thought was pretty cool. He needs one so it’s good haha ^_^

It has a lot of different textures~


On our way to the supermarket we stopped by the local grocery store to pick up my package from Romwe with my clothes :D

And this is what they look like (if you haven’t seen the picture when I said that I ordered them):

They came after 11 days and I didn’t expect it (15-29 days to Sweden is what it says on the site). I’m really satisfied with Romwe so I will definitely buy there again!


While in the supermarket to buy vegetables I saw that they’ve already started selling Christmas stuff. I’ve promised myself not to buy Christmas related yummies (like “julmust”) before December starts but I found a really cute Christmas calendar with Minnie Mouse on it so… I bought it (hell I’m not going to open it before December so it’s not cheating ;D).

The calendar is so cute! >w< There was one with Winnie the Pooh too so I had a little difficulty choosing.

I also bought sponges to my foundation and hair bands (I’ve wanted to braid my hair during the night so I can get more volume in my hair but hair bands are one of those things that always disappear mysteriously).


My class photo came in the mailbox yesterday… oh god. I really don’t get why he (the photographer) had to take the one photo where I’m laughing because Madeleine put my hand on her chest the frame before! T_T Oh well, it’s a really funny picture over-all! XD It looks like Marcus (the blond in the middle) is showing major cleavage! :D


I didn’t manage to take a picture of my outfit on Halloween and I didn’t really wear my ears because they kept falling off but I’ll post my make up now:

The lenses are so awesome! And they last a year so I can wear them all the time >:3 Hehehe~

I hope you manage to read it all XD Quite a long post today haha! Until next time, bye bye~

// Nyancy

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