Hiii guys… it’s been a while~ >w<‘ I’ve written posts but they haven’t published (I have no idea why) but now they aren’t relevant anymore so it doesn’t matter.

Today is the day I’ve been waiting for! Seether is in Gothenburg tonight! (and I don’t have English early Monday morning so I won’t die of sleeplessness) :D

To finally meet and listen to the band (live) that inspire me the most makes me so happy I can die. My mom is a fan too so she’s also coming. I’m going to give them things I’ve done (that I haven’t showed you guys) but it isn’t as much as I wanted it to be because I haven’t had time/desire to paint anything. It was supposed to be something for our culture day but it’s on Thursday and I have almost nothing… so I’ve scrapped the idea.

I’m bringing my dads iPhone tonight so it’ll be loaded with pictures at the end of tonight! ;w; Woho!

What I’m doing right now. While the smell of bread in the oven is taking over the air *yum*.

I’m going to go now! Paper boy came a while ago so the newspaper is waiting for me.

See ya guys later!

// Nyancy


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