School is mentally killing me.

I’ve been stressing myself like never before. School has been hell, ‘why’ you ask? Well I’m procrastinating really bad while having two oral presentations (a ‘national test’ speech for Swedish and an English presentation about the native Americans of the south in English). I’ve always been like this but this time… it felt like I was mentally dying. :c The speeches are over now but I still have a lot of things to do. A swedish writing based on a tiny book about different values, an art video script, read  Uncle Tom’s cabin for English and write a text about ‘How to boil a frog’… I got exhausted from just writing all that. And the lack of organizing makes me crazy.

I really should write down everything… from now on. Q_Q’

Everything should get better from now on, I just need to organize better.

Going to sleep soon… LOL JK. Got to watch Revenge first ❤

God night anyway~

// Nyancy

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