Homebuy hauuul ;D

I just had to (referring to the title)! My friend told me that among her friends they call Hemköp (a convenience store) for Homebuy (the word is directly translated from Swedish to English). How that information comes in? Well.

Tomorrow eeeeeveryone that has the Swedish C course this year, will do a national test. Five hours… without any breaks. This means that we’re allowed to bring food (a.k.a fruit, cookies, fluids ect.) so Meriel, Carolin and I went on a quest to find quiet foods to bring tomorrow… in ‘Hemköp’!

This is what I bought for tomorrow! Not taking the whole packages of things but this’ll do! :D

Hallonad (raspberry lemonade), Ballerina cookies (gingerbread edition), tiny saffron buns (that I forgot to include on the GIF…), Risifrutti (rice a lá Malta with jam), banana and little Maom candies!

We walked out of the store feeling really heavy C’:

Time to read through some preparation papers! Then I’ll see the documentary “The girl who wouldn’t die” , it sounds really interesting! After that: REVENGE! *w*/

Byyyee guys~

// Nyancy


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