Black Friday indeed…

Not been an especially good day. Woke up early to make a test that probably will make me stay on an average grade and I’ve had a tummy ache all day because I ate to much breakfast and then lunch (which Robin treated me to) but after I got home I didn’t eat anything. So from being over full to running on empty = grumpy bitch.

I even wrote a “walk in on your own risk. don’t forget that I warned you, bitch”-sign to my uncleaned room… >_<‘ It’s my brother’s birthday tomorrow so my parents can’t complain now. (But they will probably do it anyway.)

Got my school’s yearbook today. It was nice looking through it. Funny thing is that the other 3rd year art class is a lot more than us but they got so many people missing on the photo that they look fewer! C-c-craaazy =w= Just looking at other classes spex photos/classes in general is fun~

I’m too tired for this.

Good night people and sorry for the incredibly boring post… I’ll make it up to you by actually making an Art Sunday this week! Tomorrow will be a productive day. Even if I don’t feel like it… I’ll fucking force it. I’m though not doing thing I’ve got to do because I don’t feel like it!

// Nyancy


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