My brother is 15 years old now! :D Woop whoop and what better way to celebrate than to get a game that’s PEGI 18! XD

I’m of course talking about ASSASSIN’S CREED III.

Glossy background~

*loading* *loading* *loading*


We ate some yummy blue marzipan cake before he opened his present ^_^

My brother waiting to blow out the candle and eat dat cake.

I walked away from eating the  sandwich cake in the background but my parents, brother and grandmother enjoyed it.

Shitty pictures because of bad lighting but I can safely say that my brother is satisfied with today x’D

Well I’ll continue watching my bro play now and face palm when he takes 5 minutes figuring out things (like avoiding an attack) that are displayed on the screen! x’3

(Explanation of the title: Well the happy birthday is obvious but the ‘one month left’-part refers to it being one month left till Christmas Eve *Time goes by so fast!* and the two months is until my birthday on the 30th of January! :D Winter is definitely the best time of the year~ Hehehe.)

Bye bye~

// Nyancy

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